TV Timer BOB helps parents monitor and manage the time their children spend watching TV and playing Video Games.


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Control TV & Video Game Time with the TV Timer BOB.

TV and Video Game Time Management continues to receive acclaims from researchers to improve your children's grades, health and family harmony.

  • No more “Turn off that TV!” arguments.
  • Research shows improved grades and health.
  • TV Timer BOB teaches good habits in personal time management.

BOB is the latest in TV Time Management. It has a big, easy to read, display.  BOB is easy to setup and use.

Find out how BOB works and how it can change your relationship with your children for the better.

“I own 2 of the BOB units and they have been excellent. I recommend them to anyone. The BOB handles it all even if a kid tries to tamper with it. Thanks for the awesome product!”
- James G. More Feedback



The TV Timer BOB is currently available from these retailers. 

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Deseret Book



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